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Clearing and dismantling an old decking area

The customer wants this old decking dismantled and cleared away.

Old decking

Using a chain saw and a circular saw l quartered the area and stacked it ready for the rubbish collection.

There’s a shed in that pile too.
Area cleared

Now it time to get the rubbish removed. These are the guys and girls to get the job done.

Rubbish Busters.

Job done.

This was the shed that used to be on the decking.


Boxing in Boiler

The customer wanted to cover over the boiler and the pipe work. So I suggested boxing in the unit with a standing cabinet that can be used for storage. It’s important the boiler can be accessed for serving, allowing for easy access.

Boxed in boiler using a kitchen unit fixed to the wall.
With selves added the cabinet is also able for storage.

There, much neater and smarter, with plenty of space to access the boiler for serving.