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Summer House built on decking.

The customer wanted the decking extending and have a summer house built on it.

Here is a photo story of the work in progress.

Looking great. No not me, the decking and summer house. Just needs painting.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Summer House

The front step to the Summer House has rotted away and need replacing.

So after measuring up and removing the rotten timbers, some of the main suports and frame had to be replaced aswell, l finished off with the end result.

I reckon there’s another 20 years of life there.

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Clearing and dismantling an old decking area

The customer wants this old decking dismantled and cleared away.

Old decking

Using a chain saw and a circular saw l quartered the area and stacked it ready for the rubbish collection.

There’s a shed in that pile too.
Area cleared

Now it time to get the rubbish removed. These are the guys and girls to get the job done.

Rubbish Busters.

Job done.

This was the shed that used to be on the decking.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Garage lintel replaced

The wood is rotten on the old lintel.

So time to cut out the old lintel and replace with new timber using g an acro bar hired from Andy Hire.

Once lve cleared and cut the new timber to size, fitted and replaced back the tiles that had come loose, it was time to paint and finish off the job.

Good as new.
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Second year voted as best 3 Top Handyman Services in Stockton on Tees.

Best handyman services in Stockton on Tees
Only the best will do.
Ashtons Handyman Servies

Bedroom Decorating

Mostly I am working in lived in homes, it’s great when you have and empty house to decorate but that’s not very often the situation. So, it’s important to have the room cleared as much as possible and get those dust sheets down covering all surfaces including the bed!

Clean and good quality dust sheets are alway used.

I move the heavy furniture to the centre of the room so I can work round and be able to reach the middle of the ceiling with an extended poll.

There, job done.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Bathroom shower Leak

By the looks of things this leaking has been going on for sometime as the water has now soaked the plasterboard and the skirting, which in made of MDF.

So, time to get to work. I have removed the damaged plaster and skirting and pulled back the flooring to allow to dry. I have also removed the shower screen as this is where the water is getting through. The shower screen needs a new seal and lowering a bit as the gap between the screen on the bath is too big.

There, job done, just needs painting.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Brick Wall Repair

The few bricks have been damaged here and the customer wants them replaced with new. So of the MKM to get new bricks to match in with the existing. Might be a little tricky as there are thousands of different colours and sizes.

Damaged bricks on wall
Brick wall repaired with new

There job finished, and tidied up, not a bad match..

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Floorboards need covering.

The carpet is to be fitted but before this can happen the floorboards are in a bit of a state after the pipe work was fitted for the central heating.

Boards broken and uneven.

So time to messure up and get some 6mm ply.

Having measured and cut the ply into the edges and around the door entrance it’s time to screw down.

There, job finished and all ready for the carpet to go down.

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Top 3 Best Rated

I have just received this award for being in the top 3 of best rated Handyman in Stockton on Tees.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Garden Shed Renovation

The customer wants to have the garden shed renovated within the budget. This will include new felt on the roof with replaced roof sidings, painted and any rotten timbers replaced.

Garden Shed
This is the shed before work has started.
Garden shed renovated
With the work finished all in a day by Ashtons Handyman Services

Good Evening Chris,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work today. We are so happy with all you have done.


Ashtons Handyman Servies



Chris’s goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer. Working for property services, home owners and landlords in Stockton on Tees and surrounding Teesside areas in the North East England.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Garden Fence added to give more privacy.

Garden Fence
Handyman services in Stockton on Tees

The extended part of the upper fence was added to to creat more privacy from the onlooking neighbours.

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Guttering Needs Replacing

The guttering has fallen off and is not now positioned under the tiles to catch the water.

Handyman services in Stockton on Tee

Time to get a ladder and take some measurements. The fascia board is partly missing at the end.

Handyman services in Stockton on Tees
Handyman services in Stockton on Tees
Now the board allows for the guttering to fit under the roofing tiles.
Handyman services in Stockton on Tees

There job done, and the rain water is running off into the gutter which has a gentle gradient towards the down pipe.

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Home Gym Kit

The assembly of one gym muscle building equipment.


The boxes are opened and the parts are displayed. The instructions are always hard to read and one needs to think ahead as how the unit it going to work with regards to how the various parts are to be fitted together.

Three hours later, the unit is assembled. If I was to assemble another same unit, I recon I could do it half the time.

Ashtons Handyman Servies Bathroom fitting

Bath seal and shower pole fixed

The shower pole attachment is broken and the bath need resealing around the edge.

Shower holder brocken

So off the B&Q to source a new fitting. This can take a bit of time and persistance to find the right item & at a reasonable cost. There where items costed at over £50 and not always the best solution.

The seal around the bath also needs attention, as you can see the seal is messy and probably not affective. So now I have the old shower fitting removed from the wall I will remove the old silicon and clean up the area, this is quite a time consuming job as all the old silicon should be removed.

re sealed bath edge

There that looks better now the new silicon is added. Now to fit the new shower pole.

Shower fitted

Great job! Now let’s give everything a clean.

Ashtons Handyman Servies

Drive Way Bricks

The bricks on the drive have come loose and need re positioning correctly and securing.

Brick Drive

So, time to remove all the loose bricks and sort the background out. Having found all the bricks and cleared the base out, I re laid the background and levelled with sharp sand. The edging bricks are to be set in cement to hold everything in place.

Brick Drive Ashtons Handyman Services

There that’s better. I later added some top soil to cover over the sand, just need some grass seed and all will look fantastic in the summer.