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Ashtons Handyman Services

Ashtons Handyman Services

Re designing & building a shed to fit in the corner of a garden.
The Making of a solid wood door for shed. 

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Old window replaced for garage.

This old window is too rotten and damaged to repair.

Old window

So, having measured up, off to the DIY Discount shop in Middlesbrough, where they have a large selection of used UPVC windows. They have them all stacked up in different sizes, it can take a while to find the right size but the price is good. I managed to find a near perfect one, just a little small for the opening I have, but with a sill and some 2×3 timber on either side, should do the job nicely.


Having removed the old window & frame I start to add the timbers which I drill & screw to fix to the concrete garage walls. Once I am happy with the timber fittings, which make a good footing to attach the window, it’s time to get the window in and fixed. Now to finish off with some white trim to cover the timber frame.


There, that’s it, job done. The customer mentioned that it looks better than was!

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