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Ashtons Handyman Services

Ashtons Handyman Services

Re designing & building a shed to fit in the corner of a garden.
The Making of a solid wood door for shed. 

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Ikea wardrobe to fit.

Ikea Wardrobe to assemble and cut down to fit floor to ceiling height.

This is an interesting job, the wardrobe from Ikea is 30 mm higher than the floor to ceiling height.

So, we have to cut the sides of the unit from the base end so we can get it in to fit between the floor and the ceiling. Luck is on our side as there is an area under the baseboard we can cut, which will mean there will be no base plinth cover at the front but that’s okay because the base will be 12 mm off the floor anyway.

Also, to bear in mind that the unit will have to be assembled upright, not lying on the floor, as we will not be able to tilt it back to the wall, the height of the top side will hit the ceiling.

Having assembled the unit we cut away the skirting to the edge of where the wardrobe is going to be positioned so the back of the unit is flush with the wall. We now secure the unit to the wall with the system Ikea provides checking the vertical level first.

There, the job is done. It actually took longer to fit, assemble all the shelving, draws and internal units than to assemble and fit the wardrobe carcass itself!

Wardrobe Fitted

Now that’s a flush fit!

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