Plastering ceiling

The customer does not like the textured ceilings in his house in Ingleby Barwick.

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That’s not a problem. Having scraped of any extreme high points I applied a PVA coat. Right, let’s get a mix on and start plastering.

Handyman Services

There, just one more smoothing over before the plaster dries.

 Handyman Services

That looks better.

Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Plastering & skimming over. Contact Chris. 07947125983

Plastering job to skim over rough wall


plastering wall

Prep work before plastering, the old wall paper is removed.




The old Wall paper has to be removed along with the wall paper past and the wall sponged down to give a clean surface before plaster is applied. Multi Finished is use but before a bonding coat of PVA is painted to the area.



Plastering wall

Finished plaster skim, letting it dry off. Like the new laminate floor I put down…