Laminate Flooring and skirting replaced.

The old laminate and skirting is removed to make way for the new.


Having prepared the area the job to get the new skirting starts, and when that is good the skirting is fitted, which nicely covers the gap left between the laminate boards and the wall.


Nice job, the customer is very pleased.


Door frame widened and hung door.

The door frame is not wide enough to fit the oak veneer door by 40mm and you can only trim the door by 12mm. So we decided to widen the door frame. Once done the frame was fitted back with only a small amount of trimming to do to the door. With dressing and frame completed. Nice door.

Door hanging

Base cabinet fitted in kitchen.

The customer wanted to use the space available by having a base cabinet fitted with access to the existing corner cabinet already in place.

I suggested a 400 mm cabinet with door to match. I will cut the side panel to access through to the existing cabinet.

Once fitted and screwed in place a shelf was added and the surrounding trims fixed in place to cover the gaps.

The customer wants to paint the cabinet and trim, nice and tidying with minimal cost. Cabinet £45 from Howdens and £65 to fit.

Covered damp chimney breast

This chimney breast had damp coming through the plaster and the customer wanted it covering over with new. So I suggested dry walling over and plastering.


I used 3×2 stud wall timber to the breast area keeping the timber spaced away from the surface with plastic so that the wood would not absorb the moisture.


I also made a cut for ventilation.

Next I added the plaster board.


Corner trim is added

Next part of the job is to plaster.


Then finish of with skirting and cover over the air vent.


Nice job